Until a few days ago, an image was not available until this photo was posted on Facebook and by People.com, with a short description of Madeleine from her family:

Her outfits matched her personality: sunny floral dresses. “She was a sweet, unique, bright, sparkling, determined little girl,” her family said in a statement about the first-grader. “She was an avid reader, who loved running and dancing. She was a born leader.”

According to the Los Angelos Times, Madeleine was a caring young girl, who reassured a younger boy not to be scared to go to school:

Since the shooting, Karen Dryer has done her best to keep the news from her 5-year-old son, Logan. He was already anxious enough about going to kindergarten. For months, she has had to reassure him there was nothing to be afraid of.

How will she tell her son that two of the people who made it a little easier- the girls who accompanied him on the bus to Sandy Hook Elementary School and told him to brave- were killed there Friday with 18 other other children and six adults?

Madeleine Hsu, shy and tiny, wore flowery dresses and lived across the street on Moccasin Trail. Caroline Previdi, bold and green-eyed, lived down the block.

They were both 6, a whole year older than Logan. They would meet him at the bus stop on the corner and hold his hand as he climbed onto the bus. They sat to next to him during the short ride.

The girls would tell Logan, who trembled during panic attacks, that school was fun. That there was no reason to be scared.

Madeleine is remembered in the Wall Street Journal by that same neighbor as shy and quiet, but sweet.

Karen Dryer, who lived on the same street as the Jsu family, would see Madeleine’s mom waiting for her at the bus stop at 3:15 every afternoon. Dryer would wait too, for her son, Logan, who is in kindergarten. Dryer usually brought the family’s golden retriever with her.

“She would come off the bus and her face would light up when she saw the dog,” Dryer said.

Her mom would give her a big hug, and Madeleine would hug her little sister. “She was just an absolute doll,” Dryer said. “She seemed very shy, but she was just so sweet.”

Madeleine F. Hsu


The family of Madeleine F. Hsu, 6, has requested privacy.

Madeleine was born on July 10, 2006. She died December 14, in Sandy Hook Elementary School.