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Ryan Lanza, whose brother Adam killed 26 teachers and students last month, will be the administrator of mother Nancy’s estate in Newtown, Ct. Adam killed Nancy in their large colonial-style home on December 14, before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he went on a rampage.

It makes sense that the oldest son would  be named the administrator. After all, he’s the only surviving child, and he’s also a professional accountant at Ernst & Young in Manhattan, so he has extensive finance experience. The father Peter, is also an executive in the financial services, as a vice-president at GE.

It’s unclear how much the estate is worth, but Nancy Lanza was purportedly receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in alimony from her ex-husband. In the near term, an attorney has been hired to track assets, and determine whether the killer’s mother had a will.

It will probably be very difficult to sell the property, considering it’s the home where Adam Lanza started his rampage. But judging from the pictures, it looks like a beautiful home, so perhaps someone will eventually buy it, if it is not destroyed. Either way, the family must be eager to put all of this gruesome business behind them.