Nancy Lanza has been virtually forgotten as a victim of her son’s horrific rampage.

Throughout her pregnancy with Adam, Nancy Lanza reportedly suffered from “severe morning sickness” and ultimately developed hypoglycemia.

Nancy Lanza claimed in a lawsuit that her pregnancies also caused her to be discriminated against, and ultimately lose her job, at John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. in Boston.

In her lawsuit against John Hancock, Lanza said she had “episodes of physical pain, distress, headaches, insomnia, crying spells, nausea, and increased nervousness,” according to the investigation.

Nancy Lanza could also be found at the high school as many as two or three times a week dealing with Adam’s behavior issues,” Adam’s former teacher, Richard Novia said.

Nancy also had emotional struggles while trying to help her younger son.

“He was very sensitive to touch and didn’t want to be touched,” her friend Rich Collins said. “That used to hurt her. She would get upset about that.”